Buy &/ Sell or Trade Gym Equipment within our Value Chain!

within our Value Chain!

as per any choice of reseller product range

Enabling us to negotiate a mutually beneficial interim contract(s) within our Upstream (Supply-side) &/or Downstream (Demand side) within ONLY* our Individual or Commercial interim (2020) Brand Partners &/or Reseller(s) for Personal or Semi-Commercial

Jym(s) – so Be the Jym, For the Jym Industry, By Joining the Jym Revolution!

Semi-Commercial Jym(s)!

We at Mack Group have undertaken an urgent & necessary CSR project to enable each law abiding citizen who is concerned for the revival of normalcy in our torn up world due to Covid-19 are offering a once in a lifetime battle against expensive & unaffordable home-gyms.

We at Sabaariya (Limited Liability Project Partnership) , a interim CSR-initiative led by its Managing Director & Working Partner at Mack PROTO Engineering, Jasjeev Singh Bhasin.

•a Micro-Financing corporate finance model using Transfer Pricing to and for itsValue-Chain. entities only*

This offer and flexible payment Terms are applicable only for the Year of 2020 until we are able to maintain well-managed Social Distancing Norms in all Work Sapces by the guidance and financial prowess of our Central Government & Our Financial Instituons Colectively

avail this offer by connecting an individual entity &/or sell with a legal and official sales Invoice (TDS deducted on every commisionn (%) through our OEM Sheet Metal Fabrication Group (Mack Proto Engineering), a corporate entity which is a subsidiary of Mack Springs

Using basic and replicable in-sourcing of the Sample Procuremt, Protoyping & Reverse-Engineering Service(s) or Sheet Metal Fabrication Industry.

We can enable ourselves to make the end-product, our range of Home-Jym equipment coined by our Partner & Director D-Jym

to aid in fianncial &/ or space contraindications Home-Gym set-up named Mack Jym, through & supported by our promoters. Stakeholders within our Value-Chain aid in logistics & in outsourcing child parts out slide our scope &/or our market budget. We do not drop prices, which will disrupt our PESTLE Environent.

We rather prefer that we re-build the current economy which seems to be recovering from a market correction and a steep slump in market capitalisation.

We wish to share all benefits and margins between our value chain thus enabling everyone to benefit & earn a fixed passive income from home for our on-board promoters within only our Value-Chain (Supply & Demand side).

To get on-board our bandwagon to re-build the economy & promote our Honourable Prime Minister’s vision of Self-Sustainability & Make in India(Asia) Revolution.

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Follow & Support the Jym Industry NOW! as eagerly as you possibly could to rebuild our individual Industry in , offer Valid until the Government decides this Individualistic yet Collective Mission to tackle Covid-19 is proven to be Succesful