Basic Equipment needed for the 40-day Transformation Challenge

Welcome to our Jym family!

Glad to have you &/or your family as an integral part of our individual yet collective personal revolution.

We would need a limited amount of equipment/infrastructure for the Workout Routines & some instruments which would depend on your type/intensity of exercise(s) from our 3 options

Types of Workouts avaible on daily vlog for the next 40 days :

Option 1) Functional & Calishtenics : demonstrated by our core team member Jo (Italy)

Option 2) Weight Training – our in-house Physio Therapist who is accredited by American School of Medicine. (Purchase Link )

Option 3) Cardio – Treadmill , Cross- Trainer, Stationary Bike , Rowing Machine. *each machine is around 30,000 only (Purchase Link )

EMI option available* on all weight training and cardio equipment

* eligibility only through referral programme *

*Easy Monthly Installments [ EMI ] (available through D Jym) or store credit available to choose from.

* Buy-Back Offer available if you wish to return the Equipments bought from us, only if & once your finished our 40-day Journey with us. *only valid for lockdown period*

We are offering buy-back primarily due to us understanding your financial limitations and space constraints. We empathise with you due to the lack of options for you to work on yourselves at the your local fitness centre.

Be You, For You, By You.

Total Averge Cost of Essential Home-Gym : around Rs. 50,000 – Rs 1,00,000 only.

*Easy Monthly Installments [ EMI ] (available through D Jym)

For Basic Equipment & Infrastructure, Contact:

*Easy Monthly Installments [ EMI ] (available through D Jym)

For Equipment Listed : • Click on the links mentioned below or Simply Visit :

To Purchase the Groceries (organic & Fresh) from FoodHall or Godrej’s Nature Basket delivered to your doorstep!: Whatsapp us @ +91 9819675095

Equipment & Infrastructure Needed shown in the Pictures Below

For Complete Range & Quote,
Contact Us.
Weight Plates (Essential)
(range 2.5 kgs – 15 kgs)
2.5 kg – 4 Plates
5 Kgs – 6 Plates
10 kgs – 4 Plates
15 Kgs – 2 Plates

2 Barbells (Essential)
(Straight Bar & EZ Bar)

Contact Us to Buy
Pair of Dumbbells : (Starting from 2kg – up till your capacity to lift maximum weight)

We use a range of (2kg – 35kg)

Contact Us to buy

1) TRX (essential)

2) Kickboxing bag (optional)

Contact Us to Buy
Multi Gym (optional)
(Available on Decathalon for Rs. 25,000 only)

1) Multi Gym (optional)
(Available on Decathalon for Rs. 25,000 only)

Decathalon – Multi Gym (Rs. 25,000)

1) Pull-Bar

2) Resistance Bands (Level 1 – Level 3)

3) Gymnastic Rings (optional)

4) Yoga Mat

5) Medicine Ball (optional)

Contact Us to Buy
Parallel Dip Bar (Optional)

2) Cardio Machines (Basic & Affordable) (Available on Decathalon for Rs 30,000 only. Decathalon (Cardio)

Cardio Machines (optional)

1) Cross Trainer (optional)
Available on (
for Rs. 25,000 only

2) Treadmill (optional)
Available on (
for Rs. 40,000 only

3) Stationary Bike (optional)
Available on (
for Rs. 25,000 only

If you have financial or space constraints,
(Buy a Stepper to replace the Bench)

*Easy Monthly Installments [ EMI ] (available through D Jym)