Welcome to D Jym

India’s 1st Luxury Boutique Fitness Studio

What is D- Jym?
• The (D) Journey together, of You & Mack

We offer Wellness & Lifestyle routines using basic home equipments

Manufactured and Distributed by our Group of Companies,

Mack Proto Engineering

Mack Proto Engineering

Why choose D Jym?

We offer 0 cost Easy Monthly Instalments* ‘No collateral’ or collateral personal loans *needing mandatory ‘KYC’ documents required by our authorised micro-finance partner(s).

Mission :

“a wholesome, 360 degree and challenging approach to wellness and lifestyle.”

“we are here to shatter the hype of unnecessary fads and complexities within the Fitness Industry.”

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Are you Tired of Scouting for the Best Lifestyle Guru? 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️

• Do you have financial limitations when it comes to choosing a great Fitness Studio or Nutritionists? 🏋🏻‍♂️ 🍎

By collaborating with one of the finest experts in their relevant industry.

Our Core team consists of Certified & Licensed Field Experts in their respective service industry

Accompanied by Workout Routines and Nutrition Plans,
give your self another shot at redeeming that Summer Body!

Fitness Equipments by Mack Jym (www.mackprotoengineering.com) (*Easy Monthly Instalments [EMI] (available only at D Jym)

Nutritionists & Prominent Chefs offering Healthy Recipes using only the Grocery List provided by our Team

Our Core Service Offering(s) :

Elite Personal Trainers

• Meditation & Yoga Studio

• Licensed Physio-Therapists for Recovery & Injury

• In-House Image-Consultants

Join Us, in turning the year of 2020 towards a positive direction & enter the journey that awaits us!

Warm Regards,

Jasjeev Singh Bhasin

(Founder & Promoter)

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