Journey #0

*3 to 5 member count in one Journey*

Jasjeev Bhasin

Individual’s Profile & Lifestyle History:

Age : 26 years old

Sex : Male

Weight in Kg : 96 kg [as of 9th June]

Height : 5ft 10 inches

Body Fat (%) : 25% (we offer in-body analysis using technology)

Fitness Goal :

Shed Body Fat(%) to 15% in 6 months •

Target weight : 85 kgs in 40 days (-11 kgs)

Brief about The 40-days Journey ahead

Once we begin, we will keep Jasjeev in close observation in our retreat over the next 40-days. He will be given a fixed nutrition daily set by our in house Nutritionist (based on his body composition and activity level, currently & over the next 40 days). Accompanied by his workout routine set by our in house Nutritionist & world-class Personal Trainer.